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Our Expedition Leaders

Trained from the ground up (literally).

Gapforce is renowned for the select team of enthusiastic leaders who run our worldwide expeditions. We hire great people and put them through our intense four month jungle survival training course in order to deliver inspiring and safe travel experiences.

Rigorous Training

Every one of our expedition leaders has completed the following rigorous training stages:

check Level 1: Mountain Leader Training Activity First Aid.
check Level 2: Expedition Medicine.
check Level 3: Advanced Expedition Medicine and Rescue Training.
check Wilderness Medical Training
check Urban Awareness
check Expedition Planning
check Rescue
check Incident Management
check Kayak / Canoe
check Altitude Trekking
check Jungle Survival

Your Operations and Advisor Team Some Of Our Expedition Leaders


Having spent more than a decade leading Gapforce groups around the world, Colin has an impressive list of countries under his belt—more than 17—and names Zambia as a personal favourite. His appreciation for other cultures and thirst for adventure have kept him moving since his first expedition through Chile in 1999. Even his free time is devoted to exploration, be that cycling, rock climbing or learning to surf.


A seasoned traveller in her own right, Jade oversees Gapforce operations in Costa Rica. Her work has taken her across 14 countries and a variety of terrains, but she specialises in jungle expeditions, tropical ecology and jungle survival. Much of her time is devoted to running the camp and mentoring Expedition Leader Training candidates, though she still finds herself teaching a 2am training session at the bottom of a cave now and again! Read a full interview with Jade in verge travel magazine here.


Barney’s first expedition experience came in the form of his gap year in South Africa, where he trained as a safari guide and discovered a love for wildlife. After completing his Expedition Leader Training training in Belize he returned to South Africa as a Gapforce expedition leader, where he assisted with a surgery on Hope the rhino—a conservation dream come true. Currently based in Borneo guiding Gapforce groups through the jungle, his plans for future adventures include trekking across Mongolia on horseback.

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