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School Trips

Welcome to Asia

An educational tour in Asia will provide you with authentic opportunities to experience remote villages, beautiful wildlife, and idyllic scenery.

Country Ideas for Asia School Expeditions







Sri Lanka

Wherever you decide to go in this vastest and most varied of continents, group trips in Asia will offer the opportunity to experience remote villages, remarkable wildlife and idyllic scenery. There are a host of breathtaking experiences to choose from, any of which will equip your students with skills and experiences to advance their personal development and adjust their perspective on the world.

Asia is a great place to travel whilst making a difference, whether you want to clean and feed elephants, learn more about Thai Buddhism or help preserve the hidden temples of Kathmandu. All Gapforce projects are carefully organised to ensure they are long-term in outlook and sustainable, so you can be sure that your work will contribute to a bigger journey.

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Remember, all our expeditions are created bespoke so you’re not restricted by what you see here. If you’re undecided about where to go, just call us, we love sharing ideas.

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  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are sorry to leave: the trip has shown us so much of a culture completely removed from our own, and we have spoken to some wonderfully resilient individuals, even apart from the Dalai Lama; I think we could learn from the refugee population of McLeod Ganj, who are far less materialistic than us and able to remain optimistic through great hardship. This has been a wonderful trip for all of us.

    Rugby School (North India) OU, Student


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Welcome to Africa

Have the opportunity to explore amazingly diverse wildlife and the unique landscapes – only found on the continent of Africa.

Taking part in an educational trip to Africa is an experience like no other. You will encounter amazingly diverse wildlife and explore the landscapes unique to the African continent.

Africa is a great place to volunteer and make an impact during your trip. Be it wildlife or community volunteering, your students will be able to really see the results of their work, educating impoverished children or protecting local wildlife. All of Gapforce’s projects are thoroughly long-term and sustainable, so you can be sure that the days your group puts in are part of a broader vision and programme of support.

Volunteering in Africa will give your group the perfect opportunity to learn about this amazing continent and the culture lived day-to-day by its people.