Bespoke Educational School Trips

Our group trips help students reach their potential, enhance your school’s profile and boost teachers’ CVs.

Every school trip we operate is designed to match your curriculum and meet your learning objectives: once we’ve taken the time to understand your requirements we will work together to build an adventure that matches your group’s objectives and budget.

Biology School Expeditions
Environmental and Conservation School Trips


What better way to engage in the study of living organisms than to observe them in their natural habitats? Taking what we learn in the classroom and mixing that with practical experience is the way to truly develop an understanding of a subject.

Geography School Expeditions
Geography School Trips


In effect, all overseas trips incorporate a degree of Geography related learning as the study of the earth and its inhabitants. This makes a School Geography trip a very exciting proposition as you can really choose any location and give it a Geography angle.

Religious Studies School Expeditions
Religious Studies School Trips

Religious Studies

The study of World Religion has never been so relevant in our Society as it is today, and an overseas trip to experience the origins and culture of one of the world’s largest religions gives students a more comprehensive insight.

Outdoor Education School Expeditions
Outdoor Education School Trips

Outdoor Education

If you want to challenge your students both physically and mentally then you’re in the right place. For 27 years Gapforce has led the way in safe expeditions to some of the world’s most remote and stunning regions. Whether you are looking for something different for the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition phase, or just want a unique experience we can put together exactly the right expedition for you.

History School Expeditions
History School Trips


History is all around us and there is no better way to engage students than to take them to the very places that significant historical events happened. Standing at a World Heritage site listening to an inspiring story of what happened beneath your very feet is the perfect way to inspire students and change their thinking.

Service-learning School Expeditions
Service-learning School Trips


Whether you are looking to create a long-term link with an overseas school, or wanting to educate students on their privileged upbringing, Gapforce has 27 years experience sourcing meaningful project work for your group. Many International Schools also use our projects to fulfil the CAS element of the IB diploma.

Your Operations and Advisor Team

Tailor Made Educational School Trips Abroad

All of our expeditions are tailored to your school and goals. You’re not restricted by the top destinations and subjects listed here. We can send our Leaders almost anywhere on the planet to customise the perfect trip for your group.

  • Ecuador was absolutely amazing, I can't tell you how much it meant to us all.

    Derby Grammar School (Ecuador) AS, Senior Teacher


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